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Redesign of our Brand

The image that a company projects to the world acquires more and more importance, in a globalized world, with fierce competition. If there is something that always accompanies a brand, that identifies it, gives unity and transmits a first impression about it to future clients, it is their logo, hence the importance of its being appropriate, current and clearly communicating its essence.

Departamento de Comunicación


Rediseño de nuestra marca

A logo should not be something immovable in time, it should evolve at the same time as the brand, staying fresh without changing to each new fashion trend. A good logo is the one that remains current while the fashions change.

Therefore, the renewal of an international brand such as BGI is a challenge. On the one hand, it has to maintain the symbol that makes it recognizable and at the same time update its aesthetics. And that is what we have done, we have reinterpreted these concepts and simplified their graphic representation until we have a refined image.

The symbol of BGI is a superposition of graphical elements in which each one contributes a meaning: the balance that represents justice and the search of balance, the sword, that symbolizes the inflexible force of the law and all this integrated in a terrestrial globe , which marks the international character of our network of offices.

A good redesign should update the logo in concept and aesthetics, preserving the continuity of the values that the old logo transmitted, enhancing and clarifying them, until adapting it to new expectations, simplifying, as far as possible, its design to facilitate its understanding and achieve the maximum impact.

Hope you like it as much as we do!


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