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Dubai’s Covid recovery and outlook for 2022

​COVID-19 has been a global talking point since initial cases were reported back in early 2020. While recovery has been slow and sporadic, some countries have managed to alleviate the burden better than others, the UAE included.

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Recuperación de Covid de Dubai y perspectivas para 2022

COVID-19 has been a global talking point since initial cases were reported back in early 2020. 

While recovery has been slow and sporadic, some countries have managed to alleviate the burden better than others, the UAE included. 

Over the past two years, a tremendous amount of resources has been poured into the country to curb the spread, protect the residents and bring the economy back on track. 

So, how has the UAE, and more specifically, Dubai, fared in its endeavor?

Let’s find out.  

1.    The business impacts of the coronavirus

It may come as no surprise that due to the pandemic, many businesses and industries suffered. That’s not to say, however, that the pandemic has resulted in complete economic collapse. 

Many industries have held strong and began their recovery, including IT, real estate and eCommerce. In fact, the economy, particularly as a result of Expo 2020’s incredible success, is well on its way to making a full recovery and continuing its path to growth in 2022. 

With tourism back to high levels, many industries including hospitality and aviation are gaining confidence that 2022 will mark a tremendous travel boom. 

2.    The health of the population

Despite concerns abroad of the looming omicron variant of the coronavirus, Dubai has proven to be remarkably resilient when it comes to local cases. 

With almost two straight months of just double-digit daily cases, high vaccination rates and an efficient healthcare industry ready to shoulder the load, the city is a promising look at post-pandemic life, particularly when it comes to tourism and entertainment. 

After Expo 2020, there are many events, expos and trade shows scheduled for 2022, which is all the more reason that Dubai is slated to be one of the premier places to be going forward. 

3.    Business growth potential

Recovery is one thing, but growth is another matter entirely. For an economy to grow, the necessary measures need to be implemented and adopted in order to ensure consistent economic growth. 

To this end, Dubai is better prepared than most. Many businesses have begun modernizing their technological infrastructure, adopting work-from-home protocols, and continuing a push for more thorough digital education. 

This has led to a scenario in which digital businesses can not only survive but also thrive. Even in a fluctuating situation such as a global pandemic, businesses can continue to operate at high volumes, which alleviates many concerns for economic contraction. 

Looking ahead to 2022

Many people, businesses and governments, both local and abroad, expect big things in 2022 when it comes to Dubai. Whether it’s a return to pre-pandemic levels of tourism, more entertainment events or higher levels of consumer spending, next year is looking extremely promising to be a resident for both businesses and individuals alike. 

If you’re looking for a new home or are simply planning your next trip abroad, Dubai is most likely exactly the getaway you’re looking for. Safe and with plenty to see and do, you most assuredly will not regret it. 


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