Claim your money back against Banco Popular


Last 7th of June, an announcement has been made with regards to Banco Santander´s purchase of Banco Popular for just 1 euro, which automatically leads to its demise as an entity. This deal leaves more than 300.000 shareholders affected, causing them to lose all the money invested in shares. If You hold shares with Banco Popular, you are now able to claim back the money you lost in its investment.

The past few years have taken a great turn, as far as claims against financial entities are concerned. Sparked off mainly by the impact of the E.U.´s regulation and E.U.´s Court of Justice resolutions concerning customers, this change has been since largely consolidating the position of clients before entities. We have witnessed various situations, such as preferred stocks, the mortgage floor clause, mortgage expenses, and Bankia´s shares after its exit from the Stock Exchange in July 2011. And it is exactly Bankia´s case that can serve as a reference point when deciding to begin the claim process for the shares with Banco Popular. More specifically, Courts have estimated customers´ claims, agreeing with refunding the amounts invested by shareholders, as these were made based on information that did not match the entity´s financial reality. By the same token, a criminal trial was initiated on grounds of fraud and fallacy, which is currently being assessed at the National Court against administrators and directors of said entity.

In Banco Popular´s case, our experts at Balms Abogados commit to analyze the context, time and means of your acquisition of shares; (as well as investigate the hiring of products from the bank with funding from the Bank itself during the capital increase of 2016), to help identify the adequate legal action to be taken, all in accordance with your interests, and find an efficient solution to get you the money back.

It is for this reason Balms Abogados suggests that you get in touch, so we can begin the legal claim for the damages caused as soon as possible, since the possibilities of achieving a positive result are high.

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